Do Bike Up ( Paris )  

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Do Bike Up 

Whatever works.  We love bikes so.

                                                                 Let´s do it . Let´s Ride . . .

I'm a Portuguese living in Paris, with 9 years in the  deep world  IT, Telecom, Helpdesk, 2 times in Angola,  I am self-taught, and with some knowledge in many  different domains, but  in 2014 I decided to change my life to Paris, and  today and for the future, I hope it's the bicycles that give me pleasure,
At 33 I´m a bike messenger in Paris and I discovered my passion, bikes , or in portuguese, Bicicleta.

Do Bike Up makes sense to me, at this time the Do Bike Up have the mission to help.
                                                                                                       Do Bike Up came to stay.    

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

The Do Bike Up began when the confusion start in my head, and i was riding my bike 6 days per week like 3:00am crossing all Paris to back home ( 22km on my return home) and was 4 months doing that.. And fuck, so many people..  living and sleeping on the street , these are homeless, are refugees who have lost everything,  more and more people who have lost their assets, about what ?  Economic crises, wars, dictatorships, madmen, politicians, bureaucracy, anyway... And now they just live in the street,
And like 1+1=2 I decided to create Do Bike Up where the ultimate goal is to have riders like me to distribute food, clothes, i don´t know, every thing we can do for help.
For all this go on, i just need good People who want to help . 

Do Bike Up.

We look for what ? 

We are not only looking for help for the restaurants, individuals who want to help, with clothes, food, hygiene products, other companies that want to participate in one way or another. Our gold is to help this crowd of people who wander Paris aimlessly.

For the restaurants that want to help in this cause. Paris is a giant city and so many people who sleep and live on the street. Restaurants we need your contribution with food left over, food remains that are good, bread, water, food that will help someone. Join our cause.